love you alls =)

Friday, January 15, 2010

fRiSt PoStInG...

iNi PoStInG p'tama aq.haha excited lak..
nk taip pe idea..umh ha ambik ko..bace je la..

HELLO frenz..i'm wan nur afiyah binti Dr. Ir. wan sairazin sweety call me afiey..i'm 20 years old going 21 on this coming march of 14th ( oh no!!! ) a student of universiti malaysia pahang in couse civil engineering ( 1st year student )..look like im going to replace my daddy ya mayb one day just waiting to get tittle Dr. Ir. wan nur afiyah haaaa but i never aim to be an engineer i dream of to samething else.sshhhttt don't tell my daddy..huhu simple+cool+crazy are suitable adjective to discribe my polite n kind too sametimes la ka3..i like most shopping branded things n crazy of collecting cloth sandle bag n so on..
HA!!!! i thing its enoght to know who i am..for more imformation 'rajin2 la visit blog aq nie' hahahaa.. until then bye2..arious..salam 1 m'sia k..