love you alls =)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

a LIGHT date =)

This date was a light date which is full of beautiful and creative in design of light. 2nd day in Shah Alam mean lots to me. The day make my semester break becomes interesting and fantastic.

A day before that date, my loving hubby told me 'honey, sate up yourself properly and nicely for tomorrow okey sayang.' I'm really feel uncomfortable with that statement with means i'm not wearing nice before with means i'm look ugly before. uh gosh that true. I'm totally disagree with that. I asked him 'do i look bad before??' then he explained that not what he mean. He just says it. it was confused me. I'm lazy to explore this deeply then without this much i just let it go like nothing mean with what he said.

Now, the day comes.hahaha As usual i dress up like what i wear when we go out like who i am. Nothing special about my dress i think. i just put simple T-blouse and black fit legging on my body add some accessory. oh not to forget my lovely black rock sandal. owh sound like i'm not in with any fashion right but who's care. I don't care haha the important is i'm comfortable and happy.

My hubby pick me as usual. Everything goes naturally as same as previous date. On our way to the location with i not so sore where the place is a romantic voice come out from his mouth 'honey, look outside' in flash time i turn my head to the my left then look outside. I not sure what that he means i'm so blur. Then 'do you see that light sayang?'. owh ya there's light i saw it waa what beautiful. I saw the light before on my trip from pahang to shah alam but i don't noticed what kind of light it was.

Then i understand this is what we call ' A LIGHT DATE '. There is a light city at i-city town and its function at night. You can see lots light with various shape. They create and design the place using LED light. Lots of people visit the place to snap photos feel the wonderful view and photographer to express their idea and skill. So do we. We enjoy the place and i enjoy it.

Last but not lease, Thanks to my Lo Kong for the enjoyable surprise date. Nathing else I LOVE YOU.

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